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(status - complete)1010 Commerce Park3d Printers
AboutAdan's 3D printer notesArduino Class Series
Asset MaintenanceAutomated SmokerAvailable Utilities
Blacksmithing at Abadonza ForgeBoard To DoBoard of Directors
Build NotesBylawsCarpentry Tools
Chaos Race: Sierpinski Laser GameCircuit Hacking MondaysClassroom Area
Clothing and safety equipmentClusterPuck v1.0Clusterpuck Test Table
Coding NightCollaborative Learn and Make ProjectCommunity Outreach
Conference RoomConflict of Interest PolicyConsumable hardware
ContactsCore War
Corporate StructureCrayCurrent Projects
Database of itemsDelicious Candy CodingDesignated Responder system
DiversityDonate or Pay DuesDonating Equipment
DraftDocumentsEarn A Computer
ElectronicsSuppliersElectronics BenchElectronics workbench design
Emergency handling and ContactsEquipment Donations and LoansEvent Ideas
FilesFlyersFrontend Web Development
Fundraising IdeasFuture ProjectsGeneral consumables
Getting HereGetting InGlasswork
Grand Opening PlanningGrid location systemGroup 3D Printer
Group BuyHacker Consortium Core DumpHackers for Hire
Handling abandoned and unwanted itemsHazards and damageHiking
Hosting an EventHoursHouse Keeping
How to Become a MemberHuman ResourcesIRC
IncorporationIncorporation HistoryInternet Resources
Item usageKMBCKMBI Boatbuilding
KMBI ResourcesKM InterviewsKickstarter
KilnKitchenKnotes 001
Knox Maker MembershipKnox Maker Special Interest GroupsKnox Makers Vision
LEILaser CutterLibrary
LinuxInstallFestList of EventsLocation Candidates
Machine Tools AreaMain PageMain page draft 01
Main page draft 02Main page draft 03Main page draft 04
Makerbot CupcakeMakerspacesManaging projects
Media PackageMeeting MinutesMeeting Minutes 2011-06-24
MembershipMembership/FAQMembership Rules
MendelMaxMendelMax Build Notes
Mission StatementMisuse, abuse, and violationsMove-in Checklist
NPSC Goal 1 - The ResultsNPSC Goal 2 - The ResultsNPSC Goal 3 - The Results
NPSC Goal 4 - The Results + Final Deliverables
NPSC Goal 4 - The Results and Final DeliverablesNew Member To DoNoble Styles
Non-Profit Grant Writing InfoNonprofit Status CommitteeNonprofit Status Committee - Accounting
Nonprofit Status Committee - BudgetNonprofit Status Committee - Business PlanNonprofit Status Committee - Charitable Solicitation Requirements
Nonprofit Status Committee - Determine Sub CategoriesNonprofit Status Committee - Examine Articles
Nonprofit Status Committee - Examine BylawsNonprofit Status Committee - Examine Mission StatementNonprofit Status Committee - File for 501(c)(3)
Nonprofit Status Committee - File for FEINNonprofit Status Committee - File for LTENonprofit Status Committee - File for STE
Nonprofit Status Committee - Goal 1 - The Work
Nonprofit Status Committee - Goal 2 - The Work
Nonprofit Status Committee - Goal 3 - The WorkNonprofit Status Committee - Goal 4 - The Work
Nonprofit Status Committee - Nonprofit Mailing PermitNonprofit Status Committee - Public or PrivateNonprofit Status Committee - Record Keeping
Nonprofit Status Committee - Root ChecklistNonprofit Status Committee - Strategic PlanNonprofit Status Committee - Structural Change
Nonprofit Status Committee file for 5019(c)(3)
OSM MakerSpace guide
OSM executive guidelinesOSM open itemsOffice of SpaceMaster pages
Officer DutiesOpen WorkshopOptical Communication in Free Space
OrganizationPast ProjectsPast Workshops
PeoplePersonal storage allocationPhysical Resources
Policies and ProceduresProcedure for Collecting Cash DuesProcedure for Creating New Annual Accounting Spreadsheet
Procedure for Reconciling Accounting Spreadsheet with AccountsProcedure for Recording Dues to Accounting System SpreadsheetProcurement requests for consumables
Project ClusterPuckProject ClusterpuckProjects
PropertyandStorageRulesProposed BylawsProposed Membership Rules
Proposed Mission StatementProposed Officer DutiesPrusa Mendel
Quick-View labeling standardReprap
Restricted MachineryRestricted Machinery TrainingRoad Trip to Hacker Consortium in Nashville
Safe use of machinerySafety and personal responsibilitySafety signage
ScreenprintingSecretary's ProceduresSewing
Sewing for HackersShane's printer notesSocial Media
Space HistorySpace ImprovementsSpace general definitions and mapping
Special MaterialsSpecial requests and procurementStandards of labeling
Steam Bending BoxStreet teamSugru Build
Tech 2020 Lunch and Learn with Ellen Kern of Stand and DeliverToolTraining.BasicWoodWorkingTools
Tool TrainingTool Training & Testing: Basic Machine Tools
Treasurer's ProceduresVacuum FormingWaiver of Liability
Website Build Team Meeting Minutes 2011-12-14Wish List
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